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By Vyasa

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Asya ´sa¯sane, cakrur a¯va´syakam . a¯. i, sam¯a´svasya ca, Bh¯arata, yogam a¯j˜na¯pay¯am a¯sur, yuddh¯aya ca viniryayuh.. am . , . , vandyam¯an¯a jay’Aa¯´s¯ırbhih. s¯utaAm¯agadhaAbandibhih.. 1 the kings went up to Drona’s son* with Dury´odhana in their lead. * Having consoled him for a short while with reasons consistent with learned texts, as night fell the princes retired to their own tents. Those rulers of the earth, Kaur´avya, could not find solace even in their own tents. Brooding on their terrible loss, they were completely filled with sadness and grief.

ABsam . kara) and customary behavior (dharmaBsam . kara) that occurs when class divisions are not properly maintained. 4 Cf. 161, below). 43 maha·bha´ rata viii – karna i 5 The association between the Dhartar´ashtras and Karna goes back to their births (McGrath 2004: 28–29). The Dhartar´ashtras’ mother Gandh´ari, upon hearing that Kunti had given birth to a son “splendid like the sun,” aborted the foetus that she had been carrying for two years. 107). We do not know develop from it (Adi how Gandh´ari came by the information regarding Kunti giving birth, but this counts among a number of flirtations with the truth regarding Karna’s true identity that are entertained by ‘Maha·bh´arata’ characters (for others, in relation to Dury´o´ dhana see p.

Standing opposed in their anxiety over status and identity, this opposition suggests a comparable psychology that has its roots, perhaps, in each being a marginal character—Shalya, being from the land of the Madras, exists on the margins of the socio-cultural center of the Gangetic plains, and Karna is never quite a Dhartar´ashtra or a P´andava. 49 In addition, both side with the Dhartar´ashtras despite sharing relationships of kin with the P´andavas. In their alliances, however, a telling contrast comes to light; a contrast that perhaps defines the key representational axis of the Karna and Sha39 maha·bha´ rata viii – karna i lya relationship.

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