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Полное трёхтомное издание писем знаменитого оратора и литератора Марка Туллия Цицерона к своему другу Аттику. Более four hundred писем (в sixteen книгах), в которых содержится много информации о деятельности Цицерона, социальной и политической жизни в Риме. Тома содержат латинский текст и английский перевод, статьи, а также хронологический порядок писем и именной указатель.

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Lam plane mihi deest, quod ad te scribam nee enim de re publica, quod uterque nostrum scit eadem, et domestica nota sunt ambobus. Reliquum est iocari, si hie sinat. Nam ego is sum, TuxTLv et ! ; qui illi quam concedi putem utilius esse, quod postulat, Sero enim resistimus ei, quem per annos decem aluimus contra nos. " Quid sentis igitur ? " inquis. Nihil scilicet nisi de sententia tua nee prius quidem, quam nostrum negotium aut con34 signa conferri. LETTERS TO ATTICUS VII. 5 Both of you do your best you are attending to him.

I used " in "as before a word signifying a place and not a town. After all Dionysius and Nicias of Cos, who is with me, do not consider that the Piraeus is a town. I will look into the question. If I have made a mistake, it is in speaking of it not as a town but as a place, and I have authority. I do not depend on a quotation from Caecilius: " Mane ut ex portu in Piraeum,'' ^ as he is a poor authority in Latinity but I will quote Terence, whose fine style caused his plays to be " Heri aliquot adulescentuli ascribed to C.

But the Parthians, whose sudden retreat left Bibulus half dead with fright, have taught me not to be mucli alarmed at : anything. Ill CICERO TO ATTICUS, GREETING. On the 6th of December I came to Aeculanum, Trehula, and there I read your letter, which Philotimus handed Dec. 9, to me. c. 50 19 MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO erant a te ipso scriptae, deinde earum accuratissuma sum mirum diligentia modum in delectatus. Ac quo te Dicaearcho adsentiri negas, etsi cupidissume expetitum a me est et te approbante, ne diutius anno in provincia essem, tamen non est nostra contentione perfectum.

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