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By Mick Hart

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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) So many people get confused about HCG and use it either at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons. Some think that it actually prevents bitch tits and use it so, BUT read this again - it does NOT block estrogen and can be one of the key reasons for getting gyno. Note that HCG is derived from the placenta of pregnant women and is therefore obviously bursting with estrogens and then some. SO beware. It should however be used for two main reasons and they are: 1.

See what I mean? Sourcing your gear? This is where you have to be real careful. Apart from the obvious local gym sources and contacts where you may be most successful, the internet is another source that is vast and no question but with it comes an even bigger chance of being ripped off or scammed as is the most popular title. The trick with the internet is not to become being TOO confident with a new supply unless you are absolutely sure you know of the supply, their quality and of course their integrity and the latter will only be assured with time.

Lifting heavy weights, yep, that will also help (not being sarcastic here) but the most important part IS eating at regular and set times. Even if you are not hungry, it is vital that you try and get something down because your body will accept smaller meals easier; process and digest them easier and also will help you keep the fat levels to a minimum because your body is using the foods at a faster rate and being able to use the nutrients quickly and efficiently. Sounds too simple eh? 9% sure that it will be this area you will have failed in.

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