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By Diana Palmer

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She was hopelessly curious about what he looked like bare-chested. She'd never seen Micah without a shirt in all the time she'd lived in his house with his father. "No pressure," he promised, bending. " she asked curiously. " He bent and his lips closed tenderly on her upper lip while he tasted the moist inside of it with his tongue. His lips moved to her lower lip and repeated the arousing little caress. His hands were at her waist, but they began to move up and down with a lazy, sensual pressure that made her body go rigid in his arms.

She'd seen her mother's first husband once or twice, during his rare visits to his Jacobsville home. He'd actually phoned her apartment a few weeks ago and left a strange, tentative message asking her to call him back. She never had. His rejection of her still hurt. She didn't see him often. He lived mostly in Miami these days. " he persisted. She looked up at him with tired, sad eyes. " She smiled faintly. "I don't know whose child I am. And it really doesn't matter anymore. " He sighed with irritation, as if he knew more than he was telling her.

I don't know. Maybe I can read your mind these days," he added, trying to make light of it. "You're sure? " "I'm sure about Dad," he returned at once. "Gator may look dumb, but he's got a mind like a steel trap, and he's quick on the draw. " He chuckled. "Yes, I do. " He gave her a wary appraisal, and it seemed as if he didn't like the question. "Bojo is a small arms expert," he replied. "He also has relatives in most of the Muslim nations, so he's a great source of information as well. Peter, you met him on the plane, is new with the group.

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