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By Caesar, Julius; Carter, John Mackenzie

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3 The city, everi the Comitium itself, was full of officers, centurions, and re-enlisted men. 4 All the friends of the consuls, and all the associates of Pompey and of the men who had long been Caesar's enemies were assembled in the senate. 5 Their words and their numbers frightened the less resolute, and emboldened the hesitant, but took away from the majority the power of free decision. 6 Censor Lucius Piso, likewise praetor Lucius Roscius, promised to go to Caesar to inform him of these developments ; they requested a period of six days to complete this business.

There was also a proposal to make king Juba an ally and friend. 4 Marcellus said that for the present he would not allow this. Philippus, a tribune, vetoed the motion about Faustus. 5 The decisions of the senate about the remaining matters were duly recorded. Provinces were allotted to men who were not holding office: two to exconsuls, the remainder to ex-praetors. Syria fell to Scipio, Gaul to Lucius Domitius. Philippus and Cotta were passed over by private arrangement, and their names were not put into the ballot.

30 De Bello Civili Manuscripts and Sigla Primary S Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Ashbumhamensis 33. Mid tenth century; probably French. Some quaternions out of place. M Location as S, Plut. lat. 8. Tenth/eleventh century, parts written in the twelfth, with twelfth-century and humanistic corrections; probably Italian. Lacks thefirst33 chapters of Book I. U Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat lat 3324. Eleventh/twelfth century; probably French. Contemporary corrections and marginalia.

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