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By Shlomo Simonsohn

This quantity of the "Documentary heritage of the Jews in Italy" is the 7th of the second one sequence, illustrating the heritage of the Jews in Sicily according to notarial and courtroom files. it's the sequel to the 8 volumes of the 1st sequence. Notarial deeds drawn up through public notaries in Palermo and in other places and instances introduced prior to the Pretorian courtroom in Palermo current a kaleidoscopic photograph of the non-public lives of the Jews of Sicily over the past 3 centuries in their presence at the island. They illustrate the industrial, social and non secular background of the Jewish minority and the kin with the Christian majority. a lot info is equipped on alternate and trade, crafts and professions, spiritual and family members existence. a few gentle is thrown additionally at the inner lifetime of the groups, rather the bigger ones, together with association and associations, the synagogue, schooling, customs and traditions. even though the surviving felony deeds current just a fraction of the complete drawn up in these years, they're copious and considerable. Over 30,000 records of this team have been chosen for book, such a lot showing the following for the 1st time. whereas a few files are mentioned at size, the bulk are just provided in precis shape. the quantity is supplied with extra bibliography and indexes, whereas the advent will look on the finish of the sequence.

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1456 Nicolo` de c. 1456 raysio c. 1456 Mordachai c. 1456 Mindocho de c. 1456 Paolo de c. 1456 Giovanni c. 1456 Sadono Sala, a c. 1456 Moyses c. 1456 Lucio Sammi, c. 1456 Luca de c. 1456 Lia Cabaylo, a c. 209v Jew of Trapani, 2 ounces 3 instalments until sale of calves Easter acting for Giovanni S. 1456 Mordachai de c. 1456 Xalomo c. 0 ounces on delivery Publication: Sparti, Corallo, pp. 166f. 1456 Machalufo de c. 1456 Federico La with 50 pounds c. 212v Matina of polished sale of half the decima of the tunny plant of corals Bonagia for 3 seasons to Sabutu and Mordachay Grecu, Jewish brothers of Trapani Publication: Sparti, Corallo, pp.

1456 Saccono c. 1456 Sadoc de c. 1456 Guillelmo de c. 1456 David Cuynu, c. 1456 Simon de c. 1456 Pietro de c. 1456 Matheo de c. 1456 Machalufo de c. 1456 Saccono c. 1456 Chanino de c. 1456 Iosep Chirusi, with debt owed sale of 4 barrels of c. 0 ounces on c. 1456 Sabet Cuyno, instalments sale of a woman’s c. 1456 Ruggero de Lu 18 tarı` c. 1456 Lia de c. 1456 Muxa Turri, a c. 1456 Manuel de c. 146r Actono, a Jew (residiis) of the tunny of Trapani plant of S. 1456 Xibiten c. 1456 Machalufo de with 1 cask of settlement of c.

1455 David Cuynu, c. 1455 Francesco de c. 1455 Busacca de c. 1455 Lia Cabaylo, a c. 1455 David Cuynu, c. 10 ounces half by Christmas c. 1455 Machalufo de 1 ounce in sale of 5 canne of c. 1455 Carlo de Carlo c. 1458 sale of 2 kantars c. 1455 Manuele de c. 1455 Machalufo de c. 1455 Antonio de Lu c. 1455 Giovanni current price at c. 1455 Iacob de Salvo c. 1455 Francesco c. 1455 Machalufo de c. 1455 Pietro de c. 10 tarı` on sale of 1 canna and 5 c. 0 ounces on sale of cheese to c. 1455 Machalufo de c.

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