Download Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping by Linda Chandler, Christine Ritchey PDF

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By Linda Chandler, Christine Ritchey

Compiled with complex rookies and intermediate designers in brain, this guidebook starts off with the fundamentals of twine wrapping and builds talents steadily as aspiring crafters paintings via every one venture. The easy-to-follow directions emphasize safeguard first and record all of the steps required to start, with a close dialogue given to utilizing instruments resembling pliers and cord cutters—wire wrapping doesn't require a soldering torch—and opting for applicable fabrics similar to copper, brass, and sterling silver. completing those gorgeous initiatives are a snap with the information, methods, and methods shared within—jewelry crafters will relish the ensuing items that come with attractive bracelets, Celtic jewelry, twine wrapped earrings, and a wire-wrapped cabochon.

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