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By Marc Poulin, Richard J. A. Wilson

This quantity contains the court cases of the tenth Oxford convention held at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, in September, 2006. It comprises the main up to date learn in cardio-respiratory keep an eye on and its content material spans the disciplines of respiration body structure, neurobiology, modeling, and biomedical engineering. the quantity can be of curiosity to clinicians operating with sufferers with respiring disorders.

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88% O2, PO2 ∼ 55 mmHg). Custom-written software (Labview, National Instruments, Austin) was informed of the status of the snail at any time during the 60-minute observation period, status being: submerged, surfaced but not breathing, or surfaced with pneumostome open. Statistical comparisons were made using analysis of variance tests (one- or twoway, depending on the number of experimental factors influencing outcomes), and where indicated, post-hoc testing consisted of applying Tukey’s t-testing procedure.

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