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By Nora Roberts

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You haven‟t been able to find any record of that, so we have to assume it was covered up. ” Stella nodded. “But how did she get here? There‟s no mention of Amelia in any of Beatrice‟s journals. No mention of Reginald‟s mistress by name, or of her coming to Harper House. She wrote about the baby, and how she felt about Reginald bringing him here, expecting her to pretend she‟d given birth to him. ” Hayley spoke quietly. “From everything we‟ve learned about him, he wouldn‟t have brought a woman of her class, one he considered a convenience, a means to an end, into the house he was so proud of.

Get up, and wait, I think he‟s got it. ” “I had a defective board,” Mitch claimed, and poked Roz in the ribs. ” Roz rolled her eyes. “One thing you can say about our Mitchell is he‟s game. ” Logan, big and built and rugged beside Stella, gestured toward Roz with his beer. “Oh, well, I don‟t like to brag,” Roz said and examined her fingernails. ” Mitch gulped down club soda, stretched out his long, long legs. ” “She just . ” Mitch sailed his hand through the air to illustrate. ” “But she doesn‟t like to brag,” Mitch pointed out, then glanced over at the click of heels on hardwood.

She didn‟t feel that way. But for a minute or two she had, and it made her feel ugly now. ” Frowning, Stella laid her hand on Hayley‟s brow in the classic mother‟s gesture. ” “No, I think it‟s more the blahs. Not even the blues, just the blahs. They keep sneaking up on me, and I don‟t know why. I‟ve got the most beautiful baby in the world. I love my job. ” Stella took an apron off a hook, studying Hayley as she tied it on. ” And that called for another long drink of water. “I‟ve thought about it.

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