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By Vladimir P. Torchilin, J.A. Kellen

The program of immobilized enzymes in medication is the most aim of this publication. the writer experiences normal and artificial companies for enzyme immobilization, chemistry of enzyme binding, and in-vitro and in-vivo homes of immobilized enzymes. 4 chapters are devoted to scientific use of immobilized enzymes.

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One more example of using "natural" biological carriers for the immobilization of therapeutic enzymes may be the glycosylation of glutaminaseasparaginase with glycopeptides from human fibrin and y-globulin [140]. The enzyme in such a conjugate is not only more stable than the native asparaginase, but its removal from the circulation of experimental mice, rats and rabbits is 15 times slower. Finally, soluble stabilized enzymes can be obtained by intermolecular crosslinking with bifunctional reagents.

Lty drug I 1'\ / / / / \ wlthout reduclng 'I 1 " /. - - - - - 7. e release nearby or In the target cell ~ ~" 2. yage \ \ \ ~ @ uniform capillary distribution. penetrete endothel or capillary wall endocyloaable 5. non toxlc 10 holt cella Fig. 8. 9. MuIticompartment model of organism. Arrows depict corridors connecting body compartments and represent possibilities of polymer transfer between compartments either restricted by compartmental barriers (dashed lines) or occurring as flux transfer (simple arrows) (Reproduced with permission from Drobnik J, Rypacek F (1984) Adv Polym Sci 57:1 26 3 Immobilization of Therapeutic Enzymes and administration method on its biodistribution and fate in the organism.

100 to 10000 IV of the enzyme were bound per gram carrier and maintained its activity, demonstrated increased stability and prolonged half-life in the circulation. Enzyme to polymer binding was achieved directly or via a spacer group containing 1 to 3 carbon atoms [163, 164]. Streptokinase, plasmin and urokinase immobilized on dextran activated with partial oxidation by periodates haveĀ·been described [164-167]. This activation method allows to avoid the use ofhighly toxic activators such as cyanurchloride or cyanogenbromide.

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