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By Martin Bobgan

The Bobgans study hypnosis from clinical, old, and biblical views. They discover and solution such questions as: what's hypnosis? Is hypnosis a usual event? Can the desire be violated? How does the induction approach paintings? what's hypnotic reminiscence? Is all hypnosis an identical or are there differing types or various levels? Is there a distinction among scientific and occult hypnosis? What does the Bible say approximately hypnosis? Is hypnosis a suitable clinical perform for Christians?

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From his training and practice as a hypnotherapist and psychologist, Morton concludes that hypnosis is a normal human capacity and that to “attribute to that phenomenon per se a demonic or occultic status is to make God the Is Hypnosis a Natural Experience? ” 7 Morton describes the use of hypnotic techniques in the typical worship service. ”9 To show how much one can pervert the truth, Morton, in a section titled “Hypnosis and Religion as Natural Phenomena,” says: One of the earliest, if not the earliest, possible descriptions of hypnosis, is recorded in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament.

According to Dr. Reiter, Nielsen created a blindly obedient instrument in Hardrup, who would go into a trance at the sound (or the sight) of a simple signal—the letter X—and do whatever Nielsen suggested. Nielsen convinced Hardrup, in hypnosis, that he was a chosen instrument for the unification of all Scandinavia. Hardrup would form a new political party, would work under the direction of a guardian spirit—X—(who would communicate to him through Nielsen). Once this attitude was instilled, Nielsen induced Hardrup to raise money for the new party by robbing banks (and turning the money over to Nielsen).

Then he “remembers”: In a previous life he was captured by Indians and leather bands were twisted and tightened around his head. He describes the intensity of the pain; it becomes tighter and tighter until his skull snaps and he is no longer in the body. Later he moves into a “different life” in which he is an Indian and this time a metal band is around his head. He is being punished and tortured until he dies. After several other accounts, he “recalls” the birth experience of his present life.

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