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By Timothy P. Bridgman

In Greek mythology, Hyperboreans have been a tribe who lived a ways to Greece's north. Contained in what has come right down to us of Greek literary culture are texts that establish the Hyperboreans with the Celts, or Hyperborean lands with Celtic ones. This groundbreaking e-book reviews the texts that make or suggest this id, and gives the reason why a few historical Greek authors pointed out a legendary individuals with a precise one. Timothy P. Bridgman demonstrates not just that those authors mythologize heritage, yet that they used the conventional Greek parallel legendary global to interpret historical past all through historical Greek tradition, concept and literature.

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59 Slater thinks the decapitation of Medusa is subsequent to the visit to the Hyperboreans. 61 Pindar, then views the land of the Hyperboreans in a similar fashion to the Island of the Blessed and the Elysian plain, except the land of the Hyperboreans, as far as we know, had nothing to do with the souls of the dead, as an escape from death or reincarnation. 62 All three lands were thought of as being on the edges of the earth and as representing golden-age utopias which encompassed both the mythical past and present.

33). 10 There is, however, no mention of the Rhipean Mountains. If we can rely on Herodotus as a source for Hesiod, the picture of the Hyperborean myth which Hesiod knew was as follows: he knew the birth story of Artemis and Apollo Hyperboreans myth and history in Celtic-Hellenic contacts 22 on Delos. Hesiod localized the Hyperboreans in the Scythian lands near the sources of the Danube and the Black Sea/Sea of Azov area. He placed Boreas’ home in Thrace, perhaps already in Mount Haemus. The latter may have been, at one unspecified time in Greek history unknown to us, the northernmost point known to the Greeks.

Alcaeus brought Apollo to Delphi at midsummer and all nature responded to the god’s arrival. His lyre sprouted shoots of green and nightingales sang beautifully. The swallows and cicadas ceased lamenting their own misfortunes among men and all their strains were sung in honor of the god. In the spirit of poetry, Castalia gushed forth with silver waters and great Cephisus rose up with surging waves. Clearly, in order to lure Apollo away from the land of the Hyperboreans, the poet had the Delphians imitate the behavior of the Hyperboreans and had Greece become green and lush and as beautiful as the land of the Hyperboreans.

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