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Dr Walter Gorn previous (1864-1929) used to be an eminent English Theosophist, and a outstanding nineteenth century mystic and astrologer, larger often called Sepharial. He at the start studied drugs and this up with reviews in psychology, oriental languages, astrology and numeurology. In 1886 he began to write an astrology challenge web page within the Society instances, the place he replied the public’s questions, and in 1887 on the age of simply 23 used to be admitted to the “inner sanctum” of the Theosophical Society. He used to be editor of outdated Moore’s Almanac, that's nonetheless released within the twenty first century. He was once one of many founder participants of the Theosophical move in England. He turned a really influential writer within the fields of the occult, astrology and numeurology. He could be credited because the first astrologer to exploit Earth’s “dark moon” Lilith in his calculations. His works contain: levels of the Zodiac Symbolised (with Charubel aka John Thomas) (1898), New handbook of Astrology (1898), The e-book of the easy means (1904) and The Kabala of Numbers (1913).

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This fact was not, however, within the knowledge of the seeress. She was told that she would go up a certain staircase into a dingy room with a roll of something under her arm. She would see a dark man who was thick-set and of quiet demeanour. The man would take the roll, and it would be a source of good fortune to her at a later date. The lady-consultant did so take a certain manuscript rolled up beneath her arm. She went up the dingy staircase described by the seeress, and saw the man whose description had been given.

In tracing the succession of events, we have found it convenient to think of time-measure at the outset, bending the sight upon, each month or year separately and in succession, noting the visions that arise with each in order. And as regards the past or future, we distinguish between them by an intuitive sense rather than by any other means, and very rarely is this sense deceived, for it is part of the psychic faculty we had in training. Therefore, if the vision appears in the foreground and, as it were, at the feet of the seer, then it may be taken as relating to the present or a quite recent date.

Doubts were cast at once on the bôna fides of the girl and the whole story. An offer was made to repeat the experiment in the presence of two Mail representatives. The offer was accepted, and one night this week, at ten o'clock, the little party met outside the Railway Inn, where poor David Thomas had had his last drink. "A start was made. The medium walked at an easy pace between a male and female friend, whose arms were linked. The faint outline of the road ahead led always on 46 towards a wall of blackness.

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