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By Guy Hart-Davis

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This automatic renaming is nice and logical for iTunes, but you may dislike the way folder and file names change when you edit the tags. If so, turn off the Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized feature. You can change this setting at any time on the General subtab of the Advanced tab in the iTunes dialog box (in Windows) or the Preferences dialog box (on the Mac), but it’s least confusing to make a choice at the beginning and then stick with it. 2. If Software Update doesn’t turn up a version of iTunes that you can install, choose Software Update | Reset Ignored Updates.

Figure 1-1 shows examples of the iPod classic, the iPod touch, the iPod nano, the iPod shuffle, and the iPhone. Apart from these current models, Apple has also produced—and discontinued—five earlier generations of regular iPod, two earlier generations of the iPod nano, one earlier generation of the iPod shuffle, and one generation of the iPod mini, a medium-sized iPod built around a miniature hard disk (technically, a Microdrive). You’ll meet these older models briefly later in this chapter. All current iPods connect to your PC or Mac via USB, enabling you to transfer files quickly to the player.

At the top is a headphone socket and a Hold switch that you slide to put the iPod on hold (which locks all its controls) or to take it off hold again. The iPod classic doubles as a contact database, calendar, and notebook, enabling you to carry around not only all your music but your vital information as well. You can also put other textual information on an iPod so you can carry that information with you and view it on the iPod’s screen. With extra hardware, you can extend an iPod’s capabilities even further.

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