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By Mike Bonner

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Ads promoting a candidate frequently position the camera slightly below the candidate to make him or her seem taller and more regal, so that the viewer literally looks up to the candidate. Depending on what image the ad wishes to convey, the candidate may be shown speaking before a cheering crowd with American 64 HOW THE PRESIDENT IS ELECTED flags in the background, with rolled-up sleeves chatting informally with a group of workers, in a classroom with young children, or relaxed at home surrounded by loving family members.

In that election, Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes ran against Democrat Samuel Tilden. The initial results suggested that Tilden had won; he had strong support in Southern states and had also gained the votes of Indiana, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Tilden led in the popular vote by more than 250,000 votes. Questions soon arose, however, about the votes in South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. In the period between the popular vote and the meeting of the electors in each state, supporters of the two candidates intensely lobbied the states’ electors.

A man burns his delegate card on the floor of the convention (above). saddled with answering questions about the Johnson administration’s war policies. Protestors gathered outside the convention and quickly entered into violent confrontation with the Chicago police. Inside the convention hall, supporters of McCarthy and Humphrey clashed over what the party’s position should be on the war in Vietnam. The violence inside and outside the Democratic Party convention helped ensure a Republican victory that year.

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