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  • March 28, 2017
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By Rebecca

Rebecca's 3rd choice of filthy, slickly-drawn pin-ups. Rebecca's housewives are again at it back. Doing all the nasty issues they don't seem to be alleged to be doing whereas hubby is away at paintings. not just are the housewives pleasing their earthly craving in searingly scorching intercourse scenes their husbands cannot offer them with, however the husbands have become concerned too, renting out their housewives for anyone to take advantage of. This selection of highly-refined pencil drawings will shipping you, the reader, to a suburb group such as you have by no means witnessed earlier than, yet you are going to want you'll may possibly dwell in a suburb like this. Rebecca's housewives carry again no restaints to gratify their each hope, strap-ons, vibrators, whips, and bonds are daily occurrences during this local. One journey in the course of the pages of this publication will make you need to say, "Howdy neighbor! Is your husband home?"

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