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By Diane Duane

Younger wizards Nita and equipment face their so much terrifying problem but: Nita's little sister, Dairine. not just is Dairine some distance too clever for a ten-year-old, she additionally has recenlty turn into a wizard, and worse but, a wizard with virtually unlimited energy. whilst Dairine's automated wizard's guide glibly sends her off on her beginner adventure--her Ordeal--Kit and Nita turn out chasing her around the galaxy, attempting to meet up with Dairine earlier than she will get into difficulty so deep that now not even her brains can resuce her.

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She let out a breath. “Okay,” she said. ” “Acknowledged. ” Dairine said, and several of the aliens around her reacted to the shriek. One of the holly tree people, standing nearby in something like a flowerpot, had several eyes fall off on the floor. “Overridden,” said the computer. ” Dairine said, breathing hard. Her heart was pounding. ” “ ‘OK’ is a system command causing an exit from the ‘Help’ facility and a return to command level,” said the computer. ” “Affirmative,” said the computer. ” Oh, Lord, Dairine thought, I’ve started messing with the syntax and I don’t even understand it.

To her own surprise Dairine took it in stride, arriving standing up on Triton, one of Neptune’s two largest moons, and with no desire to sit. Better! she thought, and looked around. There was very little to see: the planet was practically a twin of Uranus, except for its kinky partial rings, and the moons were barren. Dairine rubbed her arms. It was getting cold, even in the protective shell she had made for herself; her forcefields couldn’t long stand this kind of chill. Out here the Sun was just one more star, bright, but not like a sun at all.

It won’t happen again. But in the meantime people were still getting out of that car: these people shorter and blockier than the first group, with more delicate legs and brighter colors. html most carefully up and down the “road,” and went after them. ” she said to the computer. “Syntax error 24-“ “Sorry I asked. ” As she came up behind the second group of people, Dairine’s throat tightened. Everything she could think of to say to aliens suddenly sounded silly-Finally she wound up clearing her throat, which certainly needed it, as she walked behind them.

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