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By Peter G. Medveczky, Herman Friedman, Mauro Bendinelli

Even though virology and immunology are actually thought of separate disciplines, heritage exhibits that those parts ofinvestigation regularly overlapped and one can't fairly exist with no the opposite. This pattern has develop into rather major and fruitful some time past few years within the zone of herpesvirus study. The genomes of an important herpesviruses were sequenced, a good portion in their genes were pointed out, and plenty of secrets and techniques of rules of gene expr- sion were unraveled. Now this growth units the level for a real revolution in herpesvirus examine: research of interactions among the host and the virus. simply because herpesviruses can result in, suppress, and idiot the immune approach, the most efficient herpesvirologists also are professional immunologists, and the present effects ofthis interdisciplinary attempt are really impressive. simply because herpesviruses reason many very important human ailments, the devel- ment of vaccines opposed to those brokers is a really major aim. This attempt can be very hard a result of complexity of herpesviruses and the shortcoming of adequate information regarding immune responses. The impressive skill of herpesviruses to flee immune responses is - different characteristic that brings immunology and virology jointly. Herpesviruses - code many proteins that have interaction with and down-regulate a few key components of the immune process. Thisproperty of herpesviruses represents amajor problem in constructing suggestions opposed to those viruses. at the optimistic facet, those viral proteins additionally offer novel instruments for interpreting particular immune reactions and molecular mechanisms.

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