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By George H. Rothblat, Vincent J. Cristofalo

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And Nachman, M. D. (1973). Contractile proteins of endothelial cells, plate­ lets and smooth muscle. Am. J. Pathol. 7 1 , 1-20. Becker, C. , and Shustak, S. R. (1972). Contractile protein endothelial cells: compari­ son of cerebral capillaries with those in heart and skeletal muscle and with liver sinusoids. Circulation 46 (Suppl. II), 87. Becker, C. , Hardy, A. , and Dubin, T. (1974). Contractile and relaxing proteins of smooth muscle, endothelial cells and platelets. In "Platelets, Thrombosis, and Inhibi­ tors," Proc.

2 and 3. v. Passaging. As indicated above, the smooth muscle cells are more resistant to detatchment by trypsin-Versene than endothelial cells; the former behave more like skin fibroblasts and have been serially passaged in our laboratory with the formulation given above for the passaging of endothelium. When initial cultures consisted predominantly of smooth muscle cells, they were never overgrown by endothelial contaminants in serial passages. 1% collagenase for 10 minutes), the initially rare foci of smooth muscle cells predominated in subsequent passages.

Biochemical and immunochemical markers, (a) Factor VIII. , 1973): (1) factor VIII antigen (VIII AGN), as detected by precipitin assays using heterologous assays; its concentration is normal in hemophilic plasma but decreased in the plasma of patients with von Willebrand's disease; (2) factor VIII antihemophilic factor or clot promoting function (VIII AHF); this corrects the clotting abnormalities in patients with classic hemophilia (type A); (3) von Willebrand factor VIII VWF), an activity deficient in that disorder, in which there is an abnormal bleeding time, and detectable by certain in vitro assays of platelet function.

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