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By Sappho, Alcaeus, David A. Campbell

The most curiosity in Loeb Classical Library's Greek Lyric I is Sappho. pointed out with the town of Mytilene, at the isle of Lesbos, ca. seventh - sixth centuries B.C., Sappho exemplified, for the traditional Greek and Roman critics (e.g., Ovid, Catullus, Longinus, Plutarch), consummate ability within the craft of poetry--especially together with her skill to set up the Greek language (within the traditional Aeolic dialect) for the main sophisticated musical/meterical results and exciting invocations. Her friends are just the best of affection poets. What Aristotle says of Sophocles applies both to Sappho: She has in simple terms to call the nightingale and he or she sings. With one exception, her poetry exists for us in basic terms within the briefest of quotations, usually not more than part a line the following, part a notice there-- yet those are enough to record her greatness. It have been worthy learning Greek in order to take pleasure in her very phrases. the interpretation within reason literal, yet do learn the Greek textual content aloud and thereby delight in the compression of her language and the track of her tune (ah, the genius of historic Greek-- so seductive that the rabbis of previous forbade the examine of Greek until eventually the coed had attained the years of prudence, i.e., 40+). necessary to any library for gentle-folk. allow me upload that at the very least 3 nice achievements in poetry come to us from the japanese Mediterranean--Homer, Sappho, and King David. The poetry of those 3 wordsmiths is, first, to be sung, or incanted, with instrumental acompaniment. And, whereas translations are usually best (especially with Psalms, or Tehillim), but every one poet bends the phrases to his/her will (to paraphrase Luther's appreciation of J Des Prez).

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Lfoax°1)v ] ] . [ .. ] .. ]aAA[ ...... ]vTav 8 ] . { . [ .... ]ELua l(1-Eva Tav[ .... " 3' ]TOVTO - KaL, (1-0L EyW uE 'f'LII1)(1-(1- "a{pouvvav, ' \ '[ J' , \ I \, ']' 6 2 TO lIa (1-7TpOV Epa, TWEIILW KaL TO Ka 1I0V M[A]OYXE. 100 58 3rd C. papyrus . . (fleeing 1) . . (was bitten 1) . . (you of the many names 1) . . gives success to the mouth · . fair gifts (of the deep-bosomed Muses 1) . . children . . song-lover, (player) of clear-sounding lyres . . old age already (withers 1) all (my) 1 skin, and (my) hair (turned white) from black .

Completely . . ) I have . . to shine back . ) face . . a, , ] 4 las KEV 1 Or' stained '. o, ]? 7I'1)V Bov 71'pOUW7I'0V 8 ] ]YXpotu8ns ]pof . n·· 7 5

64. 2, Luc. Am. 30, Olem. Alex. Strom. 4. P. 9. 26. 1 47 SAPPHO GREEK LYRIC 58 Anth. Pal. 7. """ (J"'(J" avv Oot VVPO't'wtWV ta'Ta V7TEp allapowv, ' ' "EPVoS OoVpOpoEVTJ ,~ "A-I. ~, TJ" K tVVpEW VEOV 't'Poot'TTJ , (J 'f\ C' ,... ow PTJVOS poaKapwv tEPOVfLIIOoS OpTJS. , , "(J . . , oas yap aot as ' "EXOPOEV vvv ,. E'Tt "(J vya'TEpas. '(J ava'Tas pa. I I (" 58 Palatine Anthology: Dioscorides (on Sappho) Sweetest support of love for passionate youths, Sappho, with the Muses surely does Pieria or ivied Helicon honour you, whose breath is equal to theirs, the Muse in Aeolian Eresus;l or Hymen, God of Weddings, holding his bright torch, stands with you over bridal beds 2; or lamenting with Aphrodite as she mourns the young offspring of Cinyras,3 you see the holy grove of the Blest.

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