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Various letters live on from the traditional global. Their variety is in a similar way huge: legit and personal, literary and non-literary, philosophical and mundane. a few have been written by means of famous literary figures, comparable to Ovid and Pliny, others have been written by way of kings and emperors, whereas many live on from the pens of differently nameless figures from the provinces. This quantity presents a variety, with translation, geared toward illustrating this wide selection and throws gentle on many points of historic lifestyles in addition to delivering an invaluable number of fabric for these attracted to historical epistolography.

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24-5) 18 G E M E L L O S A N D S A L A K O N I S Γέμελλος Σαλακωνίδι. ι τί τ α ύ τ α , ώ Σαλακωνίς, ύπερηφανεΐς τάλαινα; ούκ ε γ ώ σε εις τ ο ύ ρ γ α σ τ η ρ ί ο ν καθημένην π α ρ ά τόν άκεστήν τόν ετερόποδα άνειλόμην, καί τ α ύ τ α λάθραι της μητρός, καί καθάπερ τινά επίκληρον έ γ γ υ η τ ή ν άγαγόμενος εχω; 2 σ ύ Gemellos to Salakonis. 1 What's this stuck-up behaviour, Salakonis you bitch? Didn't I rescue you when you were sitting in the sweat-shop with the lame tailor, and without mother finding out about it, and haven't I brought you here and kept you like an heiress 64 PRIVATE LETTERS δε φρυάττηι, παιδισκάριον ευτελές; και κιχλίζουσα καϊ μωκωμένη με διατελείς, ού π α ύ σ η ι , τάλαινα, της άγερωχίας; ε γ ώ σοι τον έραστήν δείξω δεσττότηυ και κάχρυς έπί τ ώ ν ά γ ρ ώ ν φρύγειν ά ν α γ κ ά σ ω , καί τότε είσηι παθοΰσα οί κακών σ α υ τ ή ν ένέσεισας.

I would exhort you both to be braver if I didn't know very well that you are braver than any man. At the same time I trust that everything is turning out so that you will be perfectly comfortable where you are and that I will at last be fighting for the commonwealth in the company of like-minded allies. 3 As for you, I should like you please above all to look after yourself; but also, if you agree, you will make use of the villas that are furthest away from army units. You could very well occupy the farm at Arpinum with the town household if the price of food goes up.

9 nam quod ad me attinet, non timeo ne quis inueniatur cui minus placeam. nec speculum mihi nec fama mentitur. uale, si potes. 1 Polyaenos Circae salutem. fateor me, domina, saepe peccasse; nam et homo sum et adhuc iuuenis. numquam tamen ante hunc diem usque ad mortem deliqui. 2 habes confitentem reum: quicquid iusseris, merui. proditionem feci, hominem occidi, templum uiolaui: in haec facinora quaere supplicium. 3 siue occidere placet, (cum) ferro meo uenio, siue uerberibus contenta es, curro nudus ad dominam.

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