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By Menahem Stern

A complete corpus of texts with regards to Jews and Judaism by way of the Greek and Latin authors of Antiquity. the gathering furnishes worthy resource fabric at the position of Jews and Judaism within the Mediterranean international in the course of the upward thrust and unfold of Hellenism, concluding with options of Judaism held by means of the Neoplatonist philosophers. The writings of every writer are observed through an creation, a serious equipment, an English translation and an in depth observation during which the assets are tested within the context of the most recent scholarship and archaeological findings.

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11:1) Igitur castris, uti diximus, ante moenia Hierosolymorum positis instructas legiones ostentavit: Iudaei sub ipsos muros struxere aciem, rebus secundis longius ausuri et, si pellerentur, parato perfugio. Missus in eos eques cum expeditis cohortibus ambigue certavit; mox cessere hostes et sequentibus diebus crebra pro portis proelia serebant, donee assiduis damnis intra moenia pellerentur. (2) Romani ad obpugnandum versi; neque enim dignum videbatur famem hostium opperiri, poscebantque pericula, pars virtute, multi ferocia et cupidine praemiorum.

M. vetus. L 20 Tacitus (8:1) Magna pars Iudaeae vicis dispergitur; habent et oppida; Hierosolyma genti caput. Illic immensae opulentiae templum, et primis munimentis urbs, dein (re)gia, templum intimis clausum. Ad fores tantum Iudaeo aditus, limine praeter sacerdotes arcebantur. (2) Dum Assyrios penes Medosque et Persas Oriens fuit, despectissima pars servientium: postquam Macedones praepolluere, rex Antiochus demere superstitionem et mores Graecorum dare adnisus, quo minus taeterrimam gentem in melius mutaret, Parthorum bello prohibitus est; nam ea tempestate Arsaces desciverat.

M / duci L 38 praesentes Orosius credentes praesentes ML 41 pastum Damste, Mnemosyne, LV, p. 117 42 conscendit L 47 illis Acidalius 51 quia Bipontini qM quern L / sue ex sues corr. M 52 meria M memoria superscr. m. vetus 55 diei M 1 1 18 Tacitus religionis tradentibus Idaeis, quos cum Saturno pulsos et conditores gentis accepimus, seu quod e septem sideribus, quis mortales reguntur, altissimo orbe et praecipua potentia stella Saturni feratur; ac pleraque caelestium vi(a)m suam et cursus septenos per numeros commeare.

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