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By Mihail Marin

Mihail Marin completes his chess starting repertoire for White with 1.c4, the English starting, via masking 1.c4 c5. the speculation is state of the art with many novelties prompt, yet most beneficial of all are Marin's lucid causes of the way to play the ensuing positions. reports of the 1st quantity: "Perhaps the most important praise i will supply is this is the one publication that i'm going to now be taking with me to my tournaments and workforce matches!” GM Tony Kosten, writer of The Dynamic English "A quite often lucid and thorough exposition from maybe the main insightful and trustworthy chess writer writing today.” GM Jonathan Rowson, New in Chess

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With the bishops on the board, the white king would face some problems approaching via e l -d2, because of the permanent possibility of . . c3t. As will be explained later, 24 ... E:e8! is the best answer, offering Black good chances to achieve equality despite its apparent passivity. This move will be considered in more detail in line 022 of the theoretical section. f8 Black has stabilized the position, but remains quite passive. It is hard to give a definite evaluation - White cannot prove a forced route to victory, but Black is likely to be condemned to a passive defence for quite a long time.

N In the game Black unnecessarily kept his bishop on the d 1 -a4 diagonal. After the text move, White's advantage is purely symbolic. �dl This looks rather awkward, but other moves lose a pawn, for instance: 24 . . �c2? �xe7± The c6-bishop is taboo on account of Black's vulnerable back rank. Or 24 . . �d7? ± The threat of �b6 forces Black to move away with the bishop, leaving the e7 -pawn undefended. Wf1! Suddenly the uncomfortable. bishop starts to feel In variations A, B and C, in which Black deviates from the natural scheme of development with .

Black maintains the tension with a developing move, but an unpleasant reply awaits him. c5! Being better developed, White should open the centre immediately, with the aim of leaving Black with a chronic weakness on c6. Once again, Black must decide whether or not to maintain the tension. b c d e f g h 1 6 . . j,h6 Andersson gives the following alternative: 1 6 . . c U The position does not differ from that obtained in the game too much. The bishop defends the c5-square, but otherwise is not too active.

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