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By Ginger Summit

Книга расскажет читателю о том, как сделать красивые предметы для вашего дома из посудной тыквы (лагенарии). Вообще сделать можно очень много необычных эксклюзивных поделок и сувениров, начиная от банального скворечника и заканчивая ажурными филигранными светильниками необыкновенной красоты, стоимость которых на рынке доходит до нескольких тысяч долларов. Автор книги предлагает 20 проектов по изготовлению различной посуды, цветочных ваз, подсвечников, африканских масок, скворечников и даже Санта Клауса. Все проекты по изготовлению проиллюстрированы в стиле «Step-by-step» (шаг за шагом), поэтому знание языка изложения необязательно.

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8. Place the linen strip, pasted side uppermost, on the centre of a piece of waste paper. 9. , one half, of the linen is covered as in fig. 15, and press down firmly. By lifting the waste paper as shown by the arrows in fig. 15, draw the remainder of the linen over on to the book and rub down well through the paper. Remove the waste paper and place the book on one side until the paste is dry. The linen need not be all in one piece, the required length could be built up from odd scraps 2" wide butted edge to edge as suggested in fig.

After the tipped sheets are placed in position the book should be placed under a light weight until the paste is dry. The book should never be pressed as this would cause the neat, straight line of paste to be squeezed out into a broad uneven band. t u r n in g -i n AN o v e r l a p . When overlapping material is being turned in over the edge of a board it is very impor­ tant that the board should be pressed down firmly with the left hand, as shown by the arrow fig. 12A. The overlap is then turned up with the folder so that it lies against the Fig.

CUTTING GUARDS. 16. After pressing, all sections that are torn should be repaired. Cut strips of “bank” paper wide and about 1J" longer than the sections. A convenient way of cutting a number of guards at once is first to fold up a sheet of bank paper several times. Then cut several strips *• wide by cutting with a straight-edge and sharp knife right through all the thicknesses of the folded paper. By leaving the last ¥ or so of each strip uncut the guards are all held together and can be torn off as required, fig.

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