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By A.A. Moscona and Alberto Monroy (Eds.)

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1. CELLULAR DIFFERENTIATION HMLff MATa ON HMRa c mating type locus I i CASSETTE REMOVED HMLU OFF 5 IN YEAST d TRANSPOSITION MATa HMRa ON OFF FIG. 3. The cassette mechanism of mating type interconversion. The structure of chromosome I11 of an a cell is shown on the upper line; the structure of chromosome I11 after switching to become an a cell is shown on the lower line. Open and cross-hatched rectangles indicate DNA segments unique to the a and a cassettes, respectively. Black rectangles indicate homologous sequences flanking the unique regions that may participate in the transposition event.

Have been proposed to act. One way for this to occur would be for the S I R gene products to control chromatin structure, for example, by causing condensation of the genetic neighborhood around H M L and HMR. Tests of this hypothesis are underway in a number of laboratories. IV. Control of Mating Type Interconversion Mating type interconversion is controlled at many different levels. Several of these controls have been identified by cell lineage studies in which changes of cell type are observed during the growth of a clone of H O cells (Hicks and Herskowitz, 1976; Strathern and Herskowitz, 1979).

And Ridge, K. A. (1980). Genetics 94, 383-423. Haber, J. , and George, J. P. (1979). Genetics 93, 13-35. , and Oshima, Y. (1974). Genetics 77, 639-650. Hartwell, L. , and Unger, M. W. (1977). J. Cell Biol. 75, 422-435. , and Oshima, Y. (1981). I n “Molecular Biology of the Yeast Succharomyces: Life Cycle and Inheritance” (J. N. Strathern, E. W. Jones, and J. R. ), pp. 181-209. , Cold Spring Harbor, New York. , and Strathern, J. (1980). I n “The Molecular Genetics of Development” (W. Loomis and T.

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