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By Robert D. Wells (Editor), Tetsuo Ashizawa (Editor)

This ebook describes every little thing approximately DNA repeat instability and neurological issues, protecting molecular mechanisms of repeat growth, pathogenic mechanisms, scientific phenotype, parental gender results, genotype-phenotype correlation, and diagnostic purposes of the molecular facts. This up to date variation presents very good updates of those repeat growth mutations, together with the addition of many new chapters, and outdated chapters rewritten as extensions of the former variation. This version additionally incorporates a CD-ROM containing the entire figures from the booklet. This booklet is a useful reference resource for neuroscientists, geneticists, neurologists, molecular biologists, genetic counsellors and scholars. * features a CD-ROM with the entire figures * Contributions via many of the significant examine groups within the zone, edited via world-renowned leaders * Lays the heritage for destiny investigations on similar ailments

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