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By I. Chester Jones

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Fig. 17. The adrenal cortex of the rat after injection with India ink. Histiocytes are labelled with arrows in the outer part shown in the top picture and occurring in the deeper part of the cortex as shown in the bottom picture ( x 380). Fig. 18. (a) A macrophage cell (histiocyte H) has taken in India ink particles and is shown lying in a narrow capillary lumen near an endothelial cell (EG) ( x 10000). (b) The distribution of India ink particles photographed as such or with a carboncoated grid ( x 35 000) (from Dauvergne and Idelman, 1973).

They consist of endothelial cells with a very thin cytoplasm, richly perforated by small round fenestrations. These comprise thin membranous diaphragms about 1000 A in diameter and 50 Â in width and they may be narrower where the outer and inner membranes have fused into one. 01 to 3 /xm, that is to say a real discontinuity (Idelman, 1970, Nakamura, 1973 for the rat; Brenner, 1966 for the monkey; Luse, 1967 for the dog). ( ' O p e n i n g " is the name for "pore" used by some authors, "fenestration" by others.

The enzyme gives strong reactions in the rat zona fasciculata and zona reticularis and less so in the zona glomerulosa (Cohen, 1959). , 1971). In the hamster the zona glomerulosa develops the strongest reaction compared with other zones. , 1962 in man). One type of estimation for the normal rat adrenal cortex gives an arbitrary number of 109, increased by A C T H to 115 zona glomerulosa, 145 zona fasciculata, 108 zona reticularis (57 medulla) (Greenberg and Glick, 1960). Another enzyme, the 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, is developed more weakly than G-6-PD but shows a similar distribution so that following the arbitrary numbers given above, the values are glomerular-fascicular zone, 46; zona fasciculata, 77; zona fasciculata-reticularis, 2 1 ; zona reticularis 51, with the medulla giving a weak response (11).

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