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By Chris Quigg

This thoroughly revised and up to date graduate-level textbook is a perfect advent to gauge theories and their purposes to high-energy particle physics, and takes an in-depth examine new legislation of nature--quantum chromodynamics and the electroweak idea. From quantum electrodynamics via unified theories of the interactions between leptons and quarks, Chris Quigg examines the good judgment and constitution at the back of gauge theories and the experimental underpinnings of todays theories. Quigg emphasizes how we all know what we all know, and within the period of the big Hadron Collider, his insightful survey of the traditional version and the subsequent nice questions for particle physics makes for compelling reading.
The brand-new version indicates how the electroweak idea constructed in dialog with test. that includes a wide-ranging therapy of electroweak symmetry breaking, the physics of the Higgs boson, and the significance of the 1-TeV scale, the booklet strikes past demonstrated wisdom and investigates the trail towards unified theories of sturdy, susceptible, and electromagnetic interactions. specific calculations and various workouts permit readers to derive the implications of those theories. vast annotated bibliographies accompany every one bankruptcy, enlarge issues of conceptual or technical curiosity, introduce extra functions, and lead readers to the learn literature. scholars and pro practitioners will make the most of the texts present insights, and experts wishing to appreciate gauge theories will locate the booklet an excellent reference for self-study.

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