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By Alain Tressaud

Functionalized Inorganic Fluorides: Synthesis, Characterization & homes of Nanostructured Solids covers numerous sessions of nanostructured and functionalized inorganic fluorides, oxide-fluorides, and fluorinated oxides resembling silica and alumina. starting from powders or glass-ceramics to skinny layers and coatings, they've got functions as extra effective and no more competitive catalysts, UV absorbers, planar optical waveguides, built-in lasers and optical amplifiers, luminescent fabrics, anti-reflective coatings and excessive Tc superconductors. With a spotlight on new sorts of solids, akin to nanopowders, hybrids, mesoporous fluorides, and intercalation compounds, the booklet covers new synthesis routes; physical-chemical characterizations - together with morphology, constitution, spectroscopic and optical behaviour; targeted ab initio investigations and simulations; and -last yet no longer least- strength functions.

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The stronger the acid the more is the CO IR frequency blue-shifted. HS-AlF3 shows the strongest blue shift ever reported for a solid acid (for details see Chapter 3) indicating that it is, next to ACF (aluminium chlorofluoride), the strongest solid acid of all [47]. 2 Catalytic Test Reactions Reactions which have to be catalysed by a Lewis acid to proceed can be used as testreaction for assessment of the acidity of a material under study. 8) show four reactions, the use of which has been reported [8, 45]: 5 CCl2 F2 !

The experimental result was interpreted based on theoretical investigations assuming that under-coordinated Al atoms, which are a result of the high degree of disorder, are responsible for the Lewis acidity of HS-AlF3 [45]. Radiotracer investigations: Radiotracer experiments, which also gave evidence for the exceptional Lewis acidity of HS-AlF3, are discussed in Chapter 3. 1 Possible Fields of Application Range of Metal Fluorides Obtainable via Sol-Gel Fluorination The fluorolytic sol-gel synthesis of metal fluorides was originally developed and explored for aluminium fluoride, which was a piece of luck since both the stepwise synthesis and the properties of HS-AlF3 showed the influence of the new synthesis process.

8(CH3)2CHOH. g. 3 %–7 % C in the Mg-F-system. 1). The weakly endothermic mass loss of about 24 % up to 473 K can clearly be attributed to the release of solvating iPrOH and the more pronounced smaller one around 495 K to the split off of alkoxide groups. Evaluating thermal analysis data of many different experiments, it became obvious that the mass loss proceeds stepwise. 1ROH after continued heating up to about 600 K [13]. e. of -AlF3 formation. In order to obtain a still X-ray amorphous aluminium fluoride, the dry gel with its understoichiometric fluorine content has to be freed from its organic constituents under fluorinating conditions.

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