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There exists a subsequence (sn) such that the sequence (f{t+Sn,x)) is uniformly convergent int eR andx G E. 8. 69. Let f : R x E —^ E be almost periodic in t for each t G E, and assume that f satisfies a Lipschitz condition in x uniformly int E:R, that is p{f{t^x)J{t,y)) for all t E R and x, (j> :R-^

Such that (fn) converges uniformly to f on R, then f is also almost periodic. The following Criterion due to Bochner is a key result. 61. ^ o c h n e r ' s Criterion). Let E be a Frechet space, that is a Hausdorff locally convex space whose topology is induced by a complete and invariant metric. Then f € C(R, E) is almost periodic if and only if for every sequence of real numbers {s'^, there exists a subsequence (sn) such that {f(t + Sn)) converges uniformly m t € M. Now we denote AP(E) the set of all almost periodic functions R -> £*, where £* is a Frechet space.

1) We will present various conditions for ensuring almost automorphy of the classical and/or mild solutions. We start with the simplest case ^ = A G C. 1. Let X be a uniformly convex (complex) Banach space. Suppose f G AA{X). 1) is in AA{X). 1) admits solutions of the form e^<*-'")/(r)dr, if R e A > 0 and X2it) = f e^^*-^^f(r)dr, if ReA < 0. J —OO Let us prove that they are almost automorphic. We start with Let s = t — r; then we can write x^(t) = - I e^'f(t-s)ds. J —CX) Let (5^) be an arbitrary sequence of real numbers.

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