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Naráyana’s best-seller supplies its reader even more than “Friendly Advice.” in a single convenient collection—closely regarding the world-famous Pañcatantra or 5 Discourses on Worldly knowledge —numerous animal fables are interwoven with human tales, all designed to coach wayward princes. stories of canny procuresses compete with these of crafty crows and tigers. An intrusive ass is just thrashed via his grasp, however the meddlesome monkey finally ends up along with his testicles overwhelmed. One prince manages to take pleasure in himself with a merchant’s spouse together with her husband’s consent, whereas one other is kicked out of paradise by means of a painted photo. This quantity additionally comprises the compact model of King Víkrama’s Adventures, thirty-two renowned stories a few beneficiant emperor, advised by way of thirty-two statuettes decorating his lion-throne.Co-published via big apple college Press and the JJC FoundationFor extra in this identify and different titles within the Clay Sanskrit sequence, please stopover at

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Bombay: Nirnay Sagar N¯ar¯ayan. R¯am Ach¯ Press, 1940. ´ sup¯alavadha with the commentary of Mallin¯atha ed. Pandit DurgaSi´ prasad and Sivadatta. Rev. by Srinivasa Venkatram. Bombay: Nirnay Sagar Press, 1923. ´ ´ Sukasaptati. Der Textus ornatior der Sukasaptati. ed. R. Schmidt. M¨unchen, 1901. sit¯avalih. by Vallabhadeva ed. P. Peterson, revised by Pt Durg¯apras¯ada. Bombay: Education Society, 1886. studies Aufrecht, Th. 1962. Catalogus Catalogorum. An Alphabetical Register of Sanskrit Works and Authors.

Therefore ‘Friendly Advice’ cannot be considered a simple recast of the ‘Five Discourses’; it is rather a very closely related, but original work. Concerning the sources of the fables and stories, some other anthologies could also be considered. 8) with the ‘Seventy Tales of ´ the Parrot’ (Sukasaptati) as well as with the ‘Twenty-five 7 Stories of the Vampire’ (Vet¯alapa˜ncavim . ´satik¯a). ’ These works fall into three main categories:8 writings on political theory and right conduct (n¯ıti), 29 friendly advice works on religious duty and law (dharma) and other, mostly literary pieces.

A wise man should think about knowledge and money as if he were immune to old age and death; but he should perform his duties as if Death had already seized him by the hair. Knowledge is considered superior to everything else, for it can never be taken away, bought or destroyed. As a river, even if it flows in the lowlands, can bring one to an inaccessible sea, so knowledge— but only knowledge—even in a person of low status, can bring one into the presence of an unapproachable king and afterwards, bring good fortune.

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