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By A.S. Neill

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I, too, have to teach certain subjects in my school be- cause of the exam system. All boys and girls today experience the pressurizing of schools; they all know that their future depends on getting a college degree. One of my old pupils is now 19. His teacher says he is a born musician. He applied to a London academy of music. He was rejected: he had not passed the standard examinations. Soon a Picasso will fail to enter an art school. I get many a doleful letter from American school children. 'Can I come to Summerhill?

Sex shouldn't be handled by pressure, either for or against. Sex is highly personal; no individual should dictate to another sexual timing or sexual response. A girl of 20 said to her mother: "In my set, every girl seems to sleep with a fellow; the girls tease me because I don't want to. " Here we have group pressure-a sad situation. It brings up the question of promiscuous sex, sex without love or tenderness. But we must try not to be moral about it. A young couple can have sex together with much pleasure, even though they are not in love with each other.

You cannot help matters by trying with words to wean the boy from his unsatisfactory companion. I think the best, the only way, is to make your son's life as full and happy as you can. Ask yourself if he is seeking this other boy because his home is too good, too moral, too restricted. He must be attracted to the companion be- cause from him he gets something that he cannot get at home. But why worry so much about lying and swaggering? Most folks, old and young, do their bit of both even when they aren't politicians and sales agents.

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