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By Frederick M. Swain

The geographic and stratigraphic distribution of fossil nonmarine Ostracoda within the usa are summarized during this e-book, by way of diagnoses of the topic species, references to literature and 34 plates of illustrations.This paintings exhibits the good variety and usability of this fascinating type of organisms that are small bivalved aquatic crustaceans that occupy either marine and nonmarine environments. Many are attribute of estuarine and different tidal habitats, yet just a couple of occupy hypersaline waters. One or forms are present in rainy soils, or in leaf or flower cups in tropical rain forests. a number of reside in caves and others are commensal in gills of fish and different aquatic animals. Micropaleontologists have stumbled on their shells in lots of sorts of sedimentary rocks and feature used them for stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental interpretations.Their particularly speedy premiums of evolution have made them valuable in subsurface stratigraphy and their sensitivity to environmental adjustments has supplied a way of spotting diversifications in rock facies. In nonmarine aquatic rocks they're in general the main simply recoverable microfossils, and feature been time-honored in petroleum exploration, particularly in China, Russia, Brazil and the western usa.

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Titus Canyon Formation, Nevada and California An exposure mapped as the Titus Canyon Formation of Oligocene? 6 km) east-southeast of Nevada Highway 374 at Daylight Pass on the Nevada-California border (Swain, 1987c). 5 m) of gray, sublithographic, algal, rubbly lacustrine limestone and underlying mottled, argillaceous algal? marlstone. The limestones occur in a sequence of several hundred feet of 22 white and pale greenish gray, laminated, indurated tuff. A non-sulcate form of the ostracode Cypridea?

Cachensis Swain, and Cyprinotus sp. 1. Candona cachensis occurs in the Salt Lake Group of Utah (Swain, 1947, 1987a) and in the Cache Valley Formation (Pliocene) of Idaho (Swain, 1987a). Pliocene Laverne and Rexroad Formations, Western Kansas The nonmarine Pliocene strata of southwestern Kansas comprise the Laverne, Ogallala and Rexroad Formations, lower, middle, and upper Pliocene, respectively (Gutentag and Benson, 1962). The Laverne and Rexroad have yielded ostracodes in Meade County, Kansas.

2 Genus Heterocypris Heterocypris blairensis Swain and Wagoner Genus Hemicyprinotus Hemicyprinotus? simplex, Swain Hemicyprinotus ? sp. Genus Pactolocypris Pactolocypris suborbicularis attenuatus, Swain Pactolocypris cf. suborbicularis suborbicularis Swain Pactolocypris biprojectus Swain Pactolocypris laevus, Swain Pactolocypris cancellatuspronodosus, Swain Family Cypridopsidae Subfamily CYPRIDOPSINAE 26 Genus Cypridopsis Cypridopsis ? sp. Genus Paracypridopsis Paracypridopsis curta, Swain Subfamily DISOPONTOCYPRIDINAE Genus Pontoniella Mandelstam Pontoniella sp.

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