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By Graham Anderson

During this, the 1st smooth research of the traditional fairytale, Graham Anderson asks no matter if the ordinary kid's fairytale of at the present time existed within the historic global. He examines texts from the classical interval and reveals many tales which resemble these we all know at the present time, including:
* a Jewish Egyptian Cinderella
* a Snow White whose enemy is the goddess Artemis
* a Pied Piper at Troy.
He places ahead many formerly unsuspected applicants as classical versions of the trendy fairytale and argues that the measure of violence and cruelty within the historical stories capability they need to were intended for adults.

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Marriage with the prince All readers will recognise that this framework will describe a recognisable Cinderella—or rather a large number of combinations of Cinderella variants. In fact, the possibilities should be extended quite considerably; the scheme does not take into account variants where the prince never sees the heroine at all before the token test, but only receives a recognition token. This will tend to happen in social situations where strict segregation between the sexes is practised, and so can be expected as a matter of course in some oriental variants.

Detected in the ill-fated act, he is given the choice by the queen of execution or murdering the king and succeeding him. ‘Gyges chose to live’, as Herodotus puts it, and the whole tale is entirely possible if not necessarily probable. By contrast Plato has Gyges falling into an underground chamber, finding a gigantic bronze horse, and taking a ring from the body of a dead giant 20 INTRODUCTION inside with the magical property of making him invisible. He blames Gyges himself for abusing his magical powers and seducing the queen, then being able to dispose of the king.

In one respect this version is actually more logical than that of Herodotus: it gives more reason for the song than just a free concert for the ungrateful pirates. But overall we are in ‘Cinderello’ country: the man who has made his wealth, helped by a helpful fish which dies in the rescue attempt. Another example, which tends to be obscured by its more popular rival version, is the story of Gyges in Plato’s Republic. Now, in Herodotus I, Gyges is a faithful courtier of his master Candaules of Lydia, who wishes to share with Gyges a sight of his wife’s naked body, to the servant’s shame and embarrassment.

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