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By M. X. Zarrow

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3. 5). Discard carbonate solution. 4. Shake with 25 ml of 2 N NaOH. The aqueous phase, without removal from the separating funnel, is partially neutralized with 100 ml of 1 M NaHCOg. The ether and aqueous phases are again shaken, and the aqueous phase is discarded. 5. Wash the ether extract with 1 M N a H C 0 3 (1 X 25 ml) and then * Cf. references ( 1 , 1 2 ) . 5 m l ) ; both aqueous phases are discarded. The ether solutions are then distilled to dryness. If the 24-hour urine volume is 1250 ml or less, one-half of the quantities given above are used.

1956. The effects of aminopterin and estrogen on the phosphate metabolism of rat uterus. Endocrinology 59: 505-515. 27. Diczfalusy, E. 1953. Chorionic gonadotrophin and oestrogens in the human pla­ centa. Acta Endocrinol. Suppl. 12. 28. Dorfman, R. I. 1955. Steroid hormone metabolism, in "The Hormones" ( G . Pincus and K. V. ), Vol. 2, pp. 589-664. Academic Press, New York. 29. Dorfman, R. , and Dorfman, A. S. 1948. Studies on the bioassay of hormones— the assay of estrogens by a chick oviduct method.

It will be noted that many of these substances are steroidal in nature and that some of them have estrogenic activity in their own right. EXPERIMENT 2-1 The Estrous Cycle* The existence of a typical estrous cycle in the guinea pig and the associated changes in vaginal cytology were first reported by Stockard and Papanicolaou in 1917. Shortly thereafter, similar phenomena were *Cf. references ( 1 - 3 , 54, 68, 8 1 ) . 37 EXPERIMENT 2 - 1 reported in the rat and mouse. Vaginal smears obtained from these ani­ mals were found to correlate well with changes occurring in the repro­ ductive tract and with the secretion of the ovarian hormones.

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