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By Lewis D.

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28 ❏ Capitalize on your clients’ pre-REBT experiences of personal change (including previous therapy), and integrate these with REBT methods. However, guard against using any of their change experiences that reinforce their irrational beliefs and dysfunctional feelings and behaviors. 29 ❏ Vary your therapeutic bond with different clients. Thus, with some you can be formal, with others informal; with some you can use self-disclosure and not with others; and some will appreciate your use of humor, while others will not.

Yet others respond best to options provided in a forced or multiple choice format. 52 ❏ When you ask your clients questions, listen carefully to whether or not they answer them. If not, ask the questions again or explore why the clients are not answering them. 53 ❏ Interrupt your clients when they ramble on or digress from the point being discussed, but do so with tact and sensitivity. 54 ❏ Be succinct and clear when talking to clients.

54 ❏ Be succinct and clear when talking to clients.

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