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By Philip Geer

An in depth operating vocabulary is a prerequisite for test-taking luck at the GRE Graduate checklist examination. This revised and up-to-date try practise advisor offers 800 college-graduate-level phrases with definitions that regularly look at the examination, whereas additionally familiarizing try out takers with how the phrases are commonly utilized in quite a few contexts.

Additional positive factors comprise a pretest that serves as a diagnostic, a long glossary with huge sentence-completion workouts, and a bankruptcy that discusses and analyzes crucial notice roots. The booklet concludes with a close posttest. solutions are supplied for all routines and for all questions within the posttest.

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Anthropologists believe that the tribe used animal sacrifice to appease the angry gods. _____ 43 ESSENTIAL WORDS FOR THE GRE UNIT 6 appellation n. name The discovery o f the bones o f a person with the appellation Ken­ newick Man in the state o f Washington in 1996 has raised important questions about who the earliest people to populate America were. apposite adj. strikingly appropriate and relevant The writer searched two dictionaries and a thesaurus before find­ ing the perfectly apposite word he was looking for.

The English word nectar (from Greek nektar) means a sweet liquid secreted by flowers, or a delicious drink. ameliorate v. to improve Knowing they could not stop the spread o f a contagion in a few days, health authorities worked to inhibit its spread and to amelio­ rate its effects by issuing warnings to the public and initiating immu­ nization programs. amenable adj. agreeable; cooperative; suited The young writer is amenable to suggestions fo r improving her prose style to make it more interesting.

Everest without oxygen supplies. _____ 5. ” _____ UNIT 7 argot n. a specialized vocabulary used by a group Writers o f crime fiction often use the argot o f criminals and detec­ tives to create a realistic atmosphere. arrest u. to stop; to seize Temporary arrest o f the patient’s respiration made it easier fo r the doctor to perform surgery on him. artifact n. item made by human craft Marxists contend that appreciation o f art has declined because 46 800 HIGH-FREQUENCY GRE WORDS capitalism has trained people to perceive human a rtifacts as commodities, and has alienated people from nature, their true humanity, and their creations.

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