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By Samuel N. C. Lieu

This assortment makes to be had in English for the 1st time the panegyric of Claudius Mamertinus (Panegyrici Latini XI/3), a considerable a part of the treatise of John Chrysostom on St. Babylas and opposed to Julian (de S. Babyla c. Julianum et gentiles XIV-XIX), and Emphrem Syrus’ Hymns opposed to Julian.

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4. Nor had he any need to acquire paintings, marble inlays, panelled ceilings decorated with solid gold, he who was accustomed, during the greater part of the year, to sleep on the bare ground 36 In the Late Empire, it was the practice to let fiscal arrears accumulate for a while and emperors would write them off periodically by a general indulgence as a gesture of magnanimity. Shortfalls, however, were covered by supplementary levies. 's policy was not to issue indulgences and to pare public (especially palace expenditure) to a minimum.

G. 5). 25 A reference to the legendary voyage of the Argonaut. At the end of her adventures, the ship was transformed into a constellation in the southern sky. 26 A reference to the mythical Triptolemus, the son of king Eleneis and the favourite of Derneter. He was hailed as the inventor of the plough and agriculture and was the great hero in Eleusinian mysteries. Cf. , nut. hist. ,georg. I,19. See also Amm. XXII,2,3. 's picked troops. The Argonautae were well received by Cizycus, the king of the Doliones but after they had left the island, contrary winds brought them back a second time and they were mistaken as Pelasgians, the traditional enemies of the Doliones.

On this see above, Introduction, p. 5. 36 CLAUDIUS MAMERTINUS people who had preceded us, thus causing himself to walk as far as possible to meet us. " He deigned to honour us with a kiss from those lips hallowed by connexion with the gods and offered us his right hand, that hand, immortal pledge of virtue and loyalty. 5.

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