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By Hubert Trzaska

An extraordinary textual content devoted to size equipment and obstacles for EMF, electrical, and magnetic fields.

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It requires, however, a few words of comment as even people experienced in EMF measurements often make such a mistake (gross error). The power density S is also often measured by the way of E or H measurement. While this is very true in the far-field, it requires knowledge and caution when such a measurement is performed in the near-field. It should not be necessary to add that power density meters, equipped with resonant-size antennas (horn 36 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD MEASUREMENTS IN THE NEAR FIELD or log-periodic antennas) in the near-field measurements are completely useless.

However, the measurement allows precise estimation of the role of any separate EMF source in the resultant field. A new concept for such a measurement is presented in Chapter 9. The author began his involvement in the field with the selective meters designed in the early 1960s. After more than 30 years, in his opinion, the selective methods are most useful and may be considered as the best methods for the future. 2. EMF polarization The expression polarization is understood in three ways: EMF MEASUREMENT METHODS 33 1.

If we repeat similar procedures for J = 0 and | * J | = *Jz = constant, we will have formulas defining the spatial field 24 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD MEASUREMENTS IN THE NEAR FIELD components of the elemental magnetic dipole. 23) by the exchange of E to H and e to m and conversely. The maximal spatial variations of the EMF components, as a function of distance to a point of observation, may be written in the following forms: For an elemental electric dipole: where C1(a) is a constant dependent of R, and E = | E | (complex amplitude of the electric field strength).

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