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By Lazaros C. Triarhou (auth.)

This booklet is the end result of fifteen years of study at the transplantation of dopaminergic neurons within the striatum of the weaver mouse (wv/wv), a neurological mutant characterised by way of genetically-determined degeneration of midbrain dopamine neurons. This mutant constitutes the one to be had laboratory version with a protracted sickness that mimics Parkinson's affliction. Structural and practical elements of intrastriatal mesencephalic neuron grafting into the weaver version are reviewed, together with histochemical correlates of graft survival and integration, numerical points of donor cellphone survival, ultrastructural findings on synaptogenesis, neurochemical indices of dopamine uptake and receptor binding, gene expression of structural and neurotransmitter-receptor comparable molecules, degrees of striatal amino acid receptors, and behavioural results of unilateral and bilateral neuronal transplantations.

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