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By Douglas Adams

Sequel to Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective company. A passenger check-in table at London's Heathrow Airport is going up in a ball of flame and Dirk lightly turns into very inquisitive.

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Exclaimed Kate. The airline girl simply stoppedmoving at all and stared quietly at a random point on her deskwaiting for someone else to make a move. It wasn’t herproblem. The man repeated angrily that he didn’t have a passport. Heshouted it and banged his fist on the counter so hard that it wasslightly dented by the force of the blow. Kate picked up her ticket, her passport and her credit card andhoisted her garment bag back up on to her shoulder. She felt that she had made every effort a human being couldpossibly be expected to make to catch her plane, but that it wasnot to be.

Rather you than me,” headded quietly. Dirk glanced at the house. The stripped-pine shutters wereclosed across all the windows. Though in all other respects thehouse seemed well cared for, groomed into a state of clean,well-pointed aftluence, the closed shutters seemed to convey anair of sudden devastation. Oddly, there seemed to be music coming from the basement,or rather, just a single disjointed phrase of thumping musicbeing repeated over and over again. It sounded as if the stylushad got stuck in the groove of a record, and Dirk wondered whyno one had turned it off, or at least nudged the stylus along sothat the record could continue.

It became suddenly very clear to her that the check-inconcourse of Terminal Two at Heathrow Airport had been hit bya meteorite. Silhouetted in the flare was the fur-coated figure ofa big man who must have caught the full force of it and beenreduced instantly to a cloud of atoms that were free to go as theypleased. The thought caused a deep and horrid shudder to gothrough her. He had been infuriating and arrogant, but she hadliked him in an odd way. There had been something oddly noblein his perverse bloody-mindedness.

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