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By Peter Chrisp

This creation to paleontology weaves jointly evidence approximately fossil looking with fictionalized first-person bills from dinosaur detectives.

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W Like modern animals Jack Horner says, ÒDinosaurs basically arenÕt any different from animals alive today. Ó Nest site Horner thinks that these Maiasaura returned to the same nest site year after year, just like many birds and turtles do today. 43 Cold-blooded Lizards and other coldblooded animals depend on outside heat to control their body temperature. They have to bask in the sunshine to warm up. 44 End of the dinosaurs Sixty-five million years ago, the dinosaurs disappeared. No one knows for certain why this happened, nor why some other animals, such as mammals and fish, survived.

The bones we dug up had to be carried back in the same way. I was expecting to find new dinosaurs in Africa. WeÕve come back with more than 80,000 dinosaur bones. Now IÕve got to try to sort them out! The baffling thing is that my bones belong to the Brachiosaurus and other species that have also been found in America. Africa and America are separated by the wide Atlantic Ocean. How did these lumbering beasts get from one continent to the other? Brachiosaurus JanenschÕs Brachiosaurus is now on display in Berlin.

There wasnÕt much to look at there Ð just a lot of dry, bare rocks. But one day in 1877, I found a bone sticking out of the rocks that was bigger than I was! Nearby, there was another huge bone, and another. These bones seemed to go on for miles. Teepees Before they were forced to stay on reservations, the Sioux made good use of portable homes called teepees. These were made of buffalo hide stretched over wooden poles. Bare rocks The rocky hills of Wyoming have been worn away by rivers, rain, and wind.

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