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By Rulph Chassaing

This article allows scholars of electric and computing device engineering to know and practice rules of electronic sign processing (DSP) via real-time implementation of experiments and tasks. Chassaing (real- time DSP, Worcester Polytechnic Institute) offers available theoretical dialogue through consultant examples utilizing Texas tools' TMS320C6713-based DSP Starter equipment. In overall, a hundred and five programming examples are supplied, such a lot utilizing C code, yet a few utilizing meeting code, demonstrating how the TMS320C6x processor is utilized in functions corresponding to communications, controls, and speech processing. a last bankruptcy bargains 22 initiatives.

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This program creates a buffer to store the output data in memory. c). Note that the necessary header support files are added to the project by selecting Project Æ Scan All File Dependencies. The necessary //sine8_buf Sine generation. 8. c). cmd, are in the folder support, and the three library support files can be added using Project Æ Build Options and selecting the linker option (Include Libraries). Type them, separating each by a comma. asm) is added to the project. 1) is called. c to support interrupt-driven programs.

TLC320AD535C/I Data Manual Dual Channel Voice/Data Codec, SLAS202A, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX, 1999. 36. TMS320C6713 Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor, SPRS186, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX. 37. TLV320AIC23 Stereo Audio Codec, 8- to 96-kHz, with Integrated Headphone Amplifier Data Manual, SLWS106G, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX, 2003. 38 DSP Development System 38. TMS320C6000 DSP Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Controller Peripheral Reference Guide, SPRU233, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX. 39.

Verify that a higher-pitched tone exists, which implies that the frequency of the sine wave has changed just by changing its amplitude. This is not so. You have exceeded the range of the codec AIC23. Since the values in the table are scaled by 33, the range of these values is now between ±33,000. The range of output values is limited from -215 to (215 - 1), or from -32,768 to +32,767. Since the AIC23 is a stereo codec, we can send data to both 16-bit channels within each sampling period. This is introduced in Chapter 2.

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