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By Demosthenes, A. T. Murray

Demosthenes (384–322 BCE), orator at Athens, used to be a pleader in legislation courts who later turned additionally a statesman, champion of the previous greatness of his urban and the current resistance of Greece to the increase of Philip of Macedon to supremacy. We own through him political speeches and law-court speeches composed for events in inner most circumstances and political circumstances. His early acceptance because the better of Greek orators rests on his steadfastness of function, his sincerity, his transparent and stinky argument, and his serious keep watch over of language. In his legislation circumstances he's the recommend, in his political speeches a castigator now not of his competitors yet in their politics. Demosthenes supplies us shiny images of private and non-private lifetime of his time. The Loeb Classical Library variation of Demosthenes is in seven volumes.

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Cat /cara/co/xicrat tt^v vavv, ov TrapaXa^eZv hidho^ps cov. direKpivaTO fioi oti ov8^ dKaprj 8av€iaoi. iyd) fxev ovv napd ^dvcov TereStcuv ToiJ TTaTpos, KAeara/CTo? /cat 'Ettt^pcitou, e8avet[1224] adfjirjv /cat e8a>/ca Tot? vauraty to aiTrjpeaiov Sid iTTiiSrj jSouAerat 56 Seofjievov 8e /xoy rayra, 40 AGAINST POLYCLES, 53-56 put on board my vessel Lucinus of Pallene," as commander, and, enjoining upon him to give the sailors money every day, ordered me to sail for home. When, then, on our homeward voyage we were in Tenedos, and Lucinus, despite the orders given him by Timomachus, was furnishing no money for sustenance to the sailors (he said he had none, but should get some from Mytilene), and the men had nothing with which to buy provisions, and without food could not have continued rowing, again taking some of our citizens 54 as witnesses I approached the defendant in Tenedos, and bade him take over the ship as my successor, and to reimburse me for the expenses I had incurred while serving as trierarch in his stead beyond my term.

S ovv dXrjdij raura Xiyoi Trpos vfids, fj,€v TTJ dyopa dTre/cptVaro ovSev avrcp fxeXot Sv jxol to, vavv /cat irporepov, ev otl Xeyoifxi, ev he rfj ot/cta ov o Tifiofxaxos Kariqyero, on fxovos ov rrapaX'qifieTai TTjv vavv, TOVTCOV vfjuv dvayvioaerai ras fxap- Tvpias. MAPTTPIAI 38 Merd ravra roivvv, c5 dvhpes hiKaarai, ojs ovre oSrog -rjdeXe fioL rrjv vavv hiahex^adai, ovre rdvaXwfxar* direhihov rod eTTirerpiripapx'QP'^vov Xpdvov, o re arparrjyos Trpoaerarre fioi dvdyeadai, TTpoaeXddiv avro) ev Qdcroj ev rto XiuevL evaintov rov arpanqyov, TrArjpovs ovat]^ rrjs rpfqpovg, „, , eXeyov a hiKaia ixev ovk rjv, dXXd TrXeoveKryjixara cjireiOT) rovrov, aray/cata oe jxol e/c rwv rrapovrcov , aoL (f>ris, u) HoXvKXeig, rov avvrpi-qpapxov ovx TjKeiv, rov fiev eTrirerpirjpapxyjp-^vov XP^^^^ eKeivov eyoi TTpd^ofJLai rdvaXoipiar' , dv hvvcop^ai, rdJv rerrdpuiv firjvcov av he napaXa^wv rrjV vavv irpibrov ixev rov virep aeavrov xpovov rpLr]pdpxf}oov, rovs e^ fxrjva^' eireir idv fxev aoi eXdrj ev rovru) o avv- 30 AGAINST POLYCLES, 36-39 marines and rowers, if you say that they have been corrupted by me, take over the ship, and get sailors and marines and rowers for yourself, who will sail with you without pay.

For, while the fleet was lying 46 at Thasos, a despatch-boat came from Methone in Macedonia to Thasos, bringing a man with letters from Callistratus to Timomachus, which, as I afterward learned, contained a request that he should send the swiftest-sailing ship he had to bring Callistratus to him. At once, then, at daybreak the next I 35 DEMOSTHENES ovv varepaia dfxa 6 VTTrjperrjs eXdcjv vavv rovs vavra?. cTrel 8e TrX-qprjs rjv, dva^alvei, KctAAtTTTros" o OiAcovo? o Al^ojvevs , Kal (f)pd^ei irpos rov Kv^epvrjTrjv rov cttl Ma/ceSovta?

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