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By Diane Duane

Whatever stopped Nita's hand because it ran alongside the bookshelf. She seemed and located that one of many books had a unfastened thread on the most sensible of its backbone. It used to be a type of so that you are looking to Be a . . . books, a chain on careers. so that you are looking to Be a Pilot, and a Scientist . . . a author. yet his one acknowledged, so that you are looking to Be a Wizard.I do not belive this, Nina inspiration. She close the booklet and stood there keeping it inher hand, pressured, surprised, suspicious--and thrilled. If it was once a shaggy dog story, it used to be an excellent one. If it wasn't . . . ?

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Besides, I’m not sure he’s ... ” “S’reee,” Kit said, picking up the tremor in her song, “what’s the problem? It’s just another wizard we’re going to see—“ “Oh, no,” she said. “The Pale One’s no wizard. ” “Then what’s the problem? Even a shark is no match for three wizards—“ “Kit,” S’reee said, “that’s easy for you to say. You’re a sperm, and it’s true enough that the average shark’s no threat to one of your kind. But this is no average shark we’re going to see. This shark would be a good candidate to really be the Pale Slayer, the original Master-Shark, instead of just playing him.

And that stuff around you is going to have to go,” S’reee added, looking with mild perplexity at Nita’s bathing suit. Nita shot a quick look over her shoulder. For a moment, Kit just gazed innocently down at her, refusing to look away—then he turned, rolling his eyes. Nita skinned hurriedly out of the suit and called to Kit, “While you’re up there, put a warding spell on the platform. I don’t want the gulls doing you-know-what all over my suit while we’re gone. ” She flung the wet lump of bathing suit out of the water overhanded; it landed with a sodden thwack!

Its note was incredibly deep. That has to be almost too deep for people to hear at all. What kind of— The note sounded again, and Nita shot Kit an amazed look as she felt the water all around her, and even the air in her lungs, vibrate in response to it. One note, the lowest note she could possibly imagine, held and held until a merely human singer would have collapsed trying to sing it ... and then slurred slowly down through another note, and another, and holding on a last one of such profound depth that the water shook as if with thunder.

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