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By Christine Feehan

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You look a little worse for wear there, brother,” she commented. ” As she spoke she circled around to try to put her body between Sergey and the human male. The man had risked his life for her and he was still standing there, waiting for another shot, when he had to know that her crossbow wasn’t going to take down a master vampire. She’d rarely had dealings with humans, but she had to admire his courageous stand, even though she feared for his life. “One of mine for one of yours, little sister,” Sergey hissed, his body suddenly moving with blurred speed.

He was in the same shape as she was. “I have no need of your help, Dubrinsky,” she said, her voice haughty. ” Gregori’s breath came out in a long, slow hiss. Her gaze jumped to his face, to the storm gathering in his eyes. If an attack came, it would come from him. She was weak from blood loss and pain, and was running out of time. “You evidently have never learned, in all your years of existence, how a voice can be sweet and pure to the ears, yet hide the truth behind the mask. My brothers chose the path of evil, but they were not wrong in their judgment of the Dubrinsky line.

Soft and feminine, the loving woman who belonged here, in this home of raw beauty. Ivory. You have need. Tell me how to come to you. They are hunting you . Page 38 He didn’t argue with her. She was hurt and she was surrounded by enemies. He could feel the burn of the vampire blood, the pain gnawing at her shoulder and ribs, and the trepidation that she was weak and might not be able to fight her way clear, although she was absolutely determined to try. Razvan filled her mind with his strength and power, feeding her while he searched her memories and found the information he needed.

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