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Image Iccovcrv projection. E:O5. 710-217 Illock plllbe\. ES:'l. 22 Block ti-an\l'orms. ,joint space-lreq~ieiicyreprc\cntntion, E:07. 1 1 BlOOd hrightticltl microacopy, b1:h. S 5 cella. \re Blood cells flow of, SC'" Blootl tlow KA amplitude contrast niicroscopy, h1:O. 85 l

234 I k a m lag, in pyroclcctric vidicon, 113. 27-3 1 Ueain liiic control and optiiiiLatioii, problem of, ES:13A, 161 design, prohleni o f , ES:13A. 101 Beam loading, ES:22, 340, 361 single-bunch, ES:22, 398 Beam luminance. ES:13A, 177. 170 Benm-optic;il clcnient matching, ES:I3A. 1so- 102 Beam parameters. YW Expcrinicntal paranetcrs - 26 SUBJECT INDEX Beam pattern, ES:11, 22, 23 defined, ES:9, 197 round trip, ES:11, 156 two-dimensional, ES:9, 200; ES:ll, 26, 27 Beam perveance, ES:4, 74, 75 Beam phase space, ES:13A, 162, 165-176, 189,192, see ulso Density, in phase space Beam-plasma interface, see Plasma-beam interface Beam potential, ES:4, 74 Beam profile generation of, ES:6, 126-128 monitor, ES:13A, 230, 233-235 Beam propagation method, E:93, 175 basic equations, E93, 175-178, 186-190 improved equations, E:93, 202-207 Beam rider, ES:14, 225 Beam scanning, ES:11, 92; ES:I3B, 66-67 alternative schemes, M:10, 70-71 construction, difficulties, M:10, 72 noise and flare, M:10, 73 using mirrors, M10, 71 vignetting, M:10, 71-72 Beam scraper, electron gun, ES:13C, 146 Beam segment addition of effects per, ES:21, 129-132, 360-362, 527-528 classification of, ES:21, 31 with crossover of arbitrary dimensions angular deflection in, ES:21, 244-264 Boersch effect in, ES:21, 202-217, 515-521 space charge effect in, ES:21, 525-526 trajectory displacement effect in.

ES:13A, 150-25U; ES:1313, 58, 148-150 hasic dctinitions. ES:I3A, 184- 18h COlibtliiit, ES:13A, 106- 107 coupling due ti) magnetic liclcl, ES: 13A. IA, 183, 185-186 improvement of concept of, ES:I3A, 192-194 intensity-cniitt;ince characteristic ct~rve. ES:L3A, 194-108 invariance, ES:13A, 184-IS5 mcasurcinent 01, ES:I3A. 50-251 systematic errors, ES:13A, 230-248 negative ion heam. ES:13B. 65 i i i quadrupolc lens, ES:13A, 1 28 relation to hrightncss. ES:13A. 156- I87 i-oot-mean-scluare cmittance.

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