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By Manfred Pienemann

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This is known as the property of extensibility that a theory of learnability must entail (Pinker 1984). In addition, Clahsen’s strategies were conceptualised as processing constraints on transformations as described in ‘transformational grammar’. However, it is now accepted that transformations are psychologically implausible concepts (Altmann 1990; Horrocks 1987; Levelt 1989; cf. also Ingram 1971). As a result of this, it is illogical to assume that processing constraints can operate on linguistic structures which have no psychological plausibility.

A slash indicates that there were no contexts for an obligatory structure or, in the case of an optional structure,10 that there were no instances. Cases marked in this way have to be considered gaps in the corpus. 125% of Johnston’s corpus. 12 The samples were collected using a range of communicative tasks. Table 3 sets out some of the key bio-data of this group of informants. Table 4 displays the implicational analysis of this corpus. Table 4 is set out in the same way as Table 1 for the Johnston study.

This is achieved by functional well-formedness conditions which ensure that functional annotations match across related constituents. In this case it is the value PAST in (PARTICIPLE) = PAST and (V-Comp PARTICIPLE) = PAST which allows a unification of these two functions and thus legitimates these two constituents in this particular sentence. (ii) The second point is that the c-structure rules, in conjunction with the unification processes mentioned under (i), ensure that the two verbs appear in a split position and that only the lexical verb can appear in the final position.

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