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By Bill Wortman

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Books: Over 200 published papers, articles, and books. Quality, Productivity, and Competitive Position (1982) Out of the Crisis (1986) Statement on quality: He was the founder of the third wave of the industrial revolution. © QUALITY COUNCIL OF INDIANA CQE 2006 II. II-7 (51) MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP QUALITY FOUNDATIONS Dr. W. Edwards Deming (Continued) W. Edwards Deming was the one individual who stood for quality and for what it means. He is a national folk hero in Japan and was perhaps the leading speaker for the quality revolution in the world.

Use of visible figures, with little or no consideration of figures that are unknown or unknowable 6. Excessive medical costs 7. Excessive costs of warranty, fueled by lawyers © QUALITY COUNCIL OF INDIANA CQE 2006 II. II-10 (56) MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP QUALITY FOUNDATIONS Other Deming Concepts Among other educational techniques, Deming promoted the parable of the red beads, the PDSA cycle, and the concept of 94% system variation (management controllable) versus 6% special variation (some of which may be operator controllable).

Originally associated with the proliferation of sampling plans, but continuing with modern applications such as control plans. © QUALITY COUNCIL OF INDIANA CQE 2006 II. II-3 (43) MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP QUALITY FOUNDATIONS Quality Evolution (Continued) Quality assurance: (1970s - 1980s). Included many preventative techniques, like SPC and quality cost measurement. Still in wide usage and still necessary. Total quality management: (1980s - 1990s). Built on the very best of prior concepts and added the key ingredient of management direction.

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