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By Sebastià n Xambó-Descamps (auth.), Sergey D. Odintsov, Diego Sáez-Gómez, Sebastian Xambó-Descamps (eds.)

Some significant advancements of physics within the final 3 a long time are addressed by way of hugely certified experts in numerous particular fields. They contain renormalization difficulties in QFT, vacuum strength fluctuations and the Casimir impact in numerous configurations, and a wealth of functions. a few heavily comparable concerns also are thought of. The cosmological purposes of those theories play a vital position and are on the very center of the e-book; specifically, the chance to give an explanation for in a unified approach the entire historical past of the evolution of the Universe: from primordial inflation to the current day sped up enlargement. extra, an outline of the mathematical heritage underlying some of the actual theories thought of above is supplied. This contains the makes use of of zeta services in physics, as within the regularization difficulties in QFT already pointed out, in particular in curved space-time, and in Casimir difficulties as.

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It is a rational function of ρ . 0 r Fig. 1 The functions N3 (ρ ) for the case (D,D) (left panel) and N1 (ρ ) for the case (D,N) (right panel) for several values of the truncation lm . The limit of small separation corresponds to ρ = 1. , to the pure s-wave contribution. Already for lm ≥ 1 there is nearly no dependence on lm . 50 Michael Bordag and Irina G. Pirozhenko polynomials in numerator and denominator grow with the order lm of the truncation. This is a general feature and holds for all functions N1 and N3 considered below except for those which vanish.

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The cosmological implications of this energy are not very clear. First, the divergent nature of the leading contributions raises some questions about the validity of the renormalization philosophy in the presence of gravitational interactions. On the other hand, finite Casimir corrections encode the quantum back-reaction to the cosmological expansion of the Universe, but this is very tiny to be detected in the present Universe, although it might have played a relevant role in the early Universe.

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